Machine Shop Operations

Block Preparation

  • Block Bore and Hone
  • Degrease and Mag all Parts
  • Install Cam Bearings
  • R&R Core and Gallery Plugs
  • Align Hone as Needed
  • Deck Block as Needed
  • Cylinder Sleeving if Required
  • Clean and Tap Bolt Holes

Crank Preparation

  • Degrease and Measure
  • Mag Crankshaft
  • Check for Straightness
  • Grind as Required
  • Polish
  • Connecting Rod Reconditioning

Cylinder Head Preparation

  • Degrease and Mag
  • Pressure Test (as required)
  • Install Bronze Guides
  • Grind Valves and Seats
  • Resurface
  • Check Valve Springs
  • Assemble Heads
  • cc Chambers

Brake Work

  • Turn Rotors
  • Turn Drums
  • For Most Cars
  • Light and Heavy Duty Trucks

Flywheel Grinding

  • Small Car
  • Tractor and Large Truck

Other Services

  • King Pin Fitting
  • Heli Coil Installation

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